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“Music a vocal or instrumental sound combined
in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.”


Search through our categories of artists, albums, and songs to find your favorites tune.  Each song will have dozens of items to help you recreate the sound.  With our split-screen technology, combine multiple resources to best fit your learning style.  Video lessons, backing tracks, lyrics, tabs, licks, live concerts, and guitar modes are just some of the items to choose to help you learn your song. 


Each of our songs have a variety of ways to play your ditty.  Album mp4’s will take you back to days of jamming to your favorite record, tape or compact disk.  Watch live video of classic concerts showcasing each song.  Ever wonder which live concert was the best for each song?  Sugaree Licks lists the top performance venues and dates for your chosen song, voted on by fellow fans. 


Take some time to share your gifts of knowledge and experience with others less fortunate.  If you found a great video lesson that you feel teaches a song, add it to Sugaree Licks, or email us the link.  If you created a song video lesson, drop us a line and we will add it to the site.  If your abilities have taken you on-stage to perform in front of a live audience, share your amplifier and pedal settings that best replicate the original song. Guitar players around the world are always asking about pedal types and settings for each song.  If your skillset doesn’t fit any of the list above, share a live video, MP3, correction, or comment. 

Featured Videos

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Our Mission

Sugaree Licks hopes to offer a user friendly platform where guitar players can easily visit to find everything they need to know to replicate the sound of their favorite artists.  Experienced users can showcase their guitar teaching talents and knowledge of the elements of any song.